Avoid disqualification on easy bucks

You have set it all up on Easy Bucks and can’t wait to make some money but then something unexpected happens! You have been…….disqualified?! 🫢

This can happen to the best of us and there are some very simple rules that you can follow to avoid disqualification while doing tasks on Easy Bucks

  • Speeding Ticket: Even the fastest of readers can make mistakes so it is important that you take your time while doing tasks and read the instructions carefully

    Try not to be faster than half of the given time

  • Honesty Is Key: Sometimes questions are repeated or compared to your profile to make sure you are honest. Try to be consistent with your answers

    If you give conflicting information about age, income, or job, you will quickly end up being disqualified

  • Read Instructions: To be make the respondent is paying attention, some tasks come with trick questions to test your attention

    Take your time reading through the given instructions

It is advised that you have your push notifications activated so that whenever new offers become available, you are notified of them!